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Annuities and Castles

Written By • Nov 30th, 2015

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) loves to point out what she sees as piggish behavior on Wall Street. And as part of that crusade, a few weeks ago she issued a report that questions some practices common among sellers of annuity products. The report, provocatively titled, “Villas, Castles, and Vacations: How Perks and Giveaways Create Conflicts […]

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What Should You Do in a Bear Market?

Written By • Sep 22nd, 2015

As every investor knows, the markets have been especially volatile lately. Ok, now what? You’ve probably heard the advice to ride through market turbulence. That is good advice, but it needs to be repeated regularly because too many folks don’t heed it – even people who should know better. Last week a reporter for a […]

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The Worst 401(k) Advice Ever

Written By • Jun 5th, 2015

In our society, those who step the furthest outside of conventional norms tend to get the most attention. See: Kardashian, Kim. Which brings me to today’s topic. James Altucher has been getting lots of attention lately because of a 62-second video he posted for Business Insider. The video’s target audience seems to be millennials, folks […]

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Will Your 110th Birthday Be Happy? The Financial Risks of Longer Life.

Written By • Mar 30th, 2015

Did you see the “Killing Cancer” story on 60 Minutes this past weekend? The TV newsmagazine, in a rare move, devoted two of its three main segments to what may turn out to be a major breakthrough in fighting the dreaded disease. Scientists and physicians at Duke University are using a modified polio virus to […]

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Stay Cautious with High-Yield.

Written By • Jul 29th, 2014

As you well know, interest rates are achingly low; short-term rates are near zero. That’s why investors seeking a better return are looking in all kinds of nooks and crannies of the investment world, places which might be beyond their normal level of comfort or expertise. A brief reminder about higher rates: there is generally […]

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The Sequester and Other “Calamities.”

Written By • Mar 8th, 2013

 The stock market’s response to the “sequester”—Washington’s $85 billion in annual spending cuts that took effect March 1st—wasn’t what many expected. After the nation’s leaders failed to reach a budget deal to avert the painful budget cuts, the market, many assumed, would have fallen like a rock. Instead, it didn’t do much of anything; investors […]

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Three Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Written By • Jan 17th, 2013

In many ways, our bond with money is similar to a personal relationship. Both can provide a sense of security. Both can bring us feelings of validation. And yes, just like a human relationship, both can cause us to feel frustration or disappointment. Just as a relationship between two people has to be tended to […]

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Is Cash Really a Safe Choice?

Written By • Dec 19th, 2012

  When you think you see storm clouds hovering ominously over the markets, it’s only natural to consider moving to a safe harbor. Right now, many people fear that turbulent times lie ahead, whether because of the so-called Fiscal Cliff, Europe’s drag on the world economy or other factors. And many of those folks, wanting […]

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The “Fiscal Cliff”… A Reality Check

Written By • Nov 16th, 2012

For months, you’ve been hearing about the “fiscal cliff.” Specifically, $500 billion in tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts are scheduled to take effect after Jan. 1 unless President Obama and Republicans reach a new deal to reduce the deficit. The political parties created the deadline last year as a way around their debt-ceiling impasse. […]

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Investing and Politics: A Wobbly Combination

Written By • Sep 5th, 2012

A few days ago a client called to talk about investing some new money. The bulk of his substantial nest egg has been in money market funds for more than two years, and as a result he has missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in gains. Why has he stayed on the sidelines? […]

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