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The Triple-A Miscalculation

Written By • Aug 14th, 2012

One of my favorite pastimes is debunking experts. What follows is a gold medal example of how the best and brightest can be wrong, big time. Last August, the mighty Standard & Poor’s downgraded, for the first time ever, the credit rating of the United States.  America was no longer an AAA lender, according to […]

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More Greed on Parade

Written By • Jul 9th, 2012

It’s bad enough that JPMorgan Chase recently lost an admitted $2 Billion, a figure some experts expect to grow to $9 Billion. Now, to add insult and injury to more insult and injury, The New York Times begins a story saying, “Facing a slump after the financial crisis, JPMorgan Chase turned to ordinary investors to […]

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Now Showing: Retirement Plan Fees

Written By • Jun 20th, 2012

If you have a 401(k) or other retirement plan, the curtain will soon be lifted to reveal the fees you have been paying. Most likely, you either didn’t know you were paying fees, or you had little idea about what the fees were or how big a slice they took from your nest egg. New […]

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Goldman: Putting the Firm First

Written By • Mar 22nd, 2012

No one knew the name Greg Smith before March 12, 2012. He was a mid-level executive at Goldman Sachs who decided to quit the firm in a most public manner – his unofficial letter of resignation was published in The New York Times, and it sent shock waves throughout the financial industry. Smith slammed Goldman […]

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The Three-Legged Stool.

Written By • Feb 14th, 2012

After more than a quarter century of working with investors, I can list with some certainty the three factors that most affect client investment returns: market movement advisor investment selection client behavior None of us can do anything about the movements of stock and bond markets; they will do what they will do.  And of […]

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Et tu, Matthew?

Written By • Nov 11th, 2011

I thought I couldn’t be shocked anymore with stories about mis-deeds in the financial world. But this article really set me back on my heels. Matthew Hutcheson is, or perhaps I should say – was – a man I respected greatly.  He has been a highly visible leader in the fight to protect employees from […]

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Relatively Speaking

Written By • Oct 28th, 2011

“Hell, everyone made money last year,” several prospective clients said to me in 2010. In fact, I always hear that after a good year. The implication those folks were making was that our mutual fund skills really didn’t mean very much, because, I guess, we just floated along a rushing, rising river. Which leads me […]

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Stable-Value Funds Can be Shaky

Written By • Oct 11th, 2011

A type of investment known as stable-value funds are available only in tax-deferred plans.  As implied by the name, these funds are meant for conservative investors. They can often be a good choice, and many 401(k) plans have them on the menu. While money market funds are currently offering almost nothing in terms of interest […]

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Bad Economy Means Good Times for Cons

Written By • Sep 1st, 2011

Step right up! Move closer! You say times are hard? Job loss got you down? You say your financial life ain’t running at full speed? You’ve come to the right place my friend! We have just the remedy for what ails ya. Yes, sad but true – when the economy is weak, hucksters flourish. It […]

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Stocks On Sale.

Written By • Aug 10th, 2011

The stock market has tumbled. Financial headlines and talking heads on TV warn of dire developments ahead. And sure enough, a few of our clients called, thinking about selling all their mutual funds and moving to cash. Is this smart? Well, it may be if a) it lets you sleep at night, or b) you […]

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