Fidelity Funds

Weber Asset Management provides clients with custom-made portfolios featuring no-load mutual funds from Fidelity Investments. Our focus on Fidelity funds is one of the strengths of our firm—one we believe provides a significant investment advantage for our clients.

Why Fidelity?

First, it’s one of the oldest and most trusted names in mutual funds. Their many sales-charge-free funds enable us to give clients exposure to virtually any part of the market. And third, Fidelity employs hundreds of the best and brightest analysts in the mutual fund industry.

By focusing on one fund family, Fidelity mutual funds, our acclaimed investment strategist Jack Bowers has developed formidable expertise—and has produced formidable results. The average of Bowers’ portfolios of Fidelity mutual funds, in his newsletter Fidelity Monitor & Insight, have beaten the market for more than 25 years. And even better, they’ve done so with less risk than the market. (Source: Hulbert Financial Digest, April, 2013. Past performance does not guarantee future results.)

While Weber Asset Management specializes in Fidelity mutual funds, we are completely independent and not beholden to Fidelity at all. Our only responsibility is to our clients—we only use the funds that we believe can truly help our clients meet their long-term financial goals.