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One Response to “Reduce the Deficit? Not So Fast.”
  1. Ken Salzman on May 29th, 2010 10:05 pm

    I find it continually amazing that the anti-tax rhetoric has become so pervasive as to make any talk of tax increases politically incorrect. There are TWO ways to reduce a deficit: cutting spending and raising income. The incessant calls for tax cuts over the past 30 years, and particularly since 2000, are never looked at in terms of their effect on the overall economy. Personally, I am very much not convinced that cutting taxes spurs economic growth. In my state of Michigan, we have been cutting taxes steadily for nearly two decades and, at this point, we are ranking in the bottom few states of the nation. “Starving the beast” only works if the beast is not, in fact, the very creature you are trying to sustain. I’d like to hear as many proposals for where and how taxes might be raised to mitigate the deficit as there are proposals for programs to cut.