“Is My Current Portfolio Good Enough?” Find out FREE in minutes…

Investment Advisor

  • Is your current portfolio beating the market or limping alongside?
  • Is it diversified enough? Aggressive enough? Risk-proof enough?
  • Is it a “me-too” portfolio that just tracks the market and funnels off too many fees and commissions for too little value?

Financial Advisor New YorkWeber Asset Management offers a proprietary Portfolio Stress Test to let you know whether your portfolio is likely to achieve your short- and long-term wealth goals.

Click Here to request a free consultation call with Ken Weber.” .  Ken will share the following based on your specific situation:

  • Diversity/Risk Index:  How well diversified is your portfolio? (Does that diversification reduce risk to an acceptable level without compromising potential gains?)
  • Smartscore:  Is the intelligence behind the portfolio a genius, just average, or completely clueless?
  • Uh-Oh Indicator:  Is any part of the portfolio at serious risk due to market changes?
  • Timing Score: Do the changes in asset mix anticipate or follow the market?

  • Integrity Quotient: How well aligned are your goals and your broker’s (Might they be tempted to make money by doing things that aren’t in your best interests?)
  • Transparency Index: How easy is it to figure out how much money you’ve made or lost this quarter? (Do they hide fees and commissions? Is there an easy way to compare your portfolio to market averages and other portfolios?)
  • Personalized Prescription: We’ll suggest specific actions you can take to correct any problems in your portfolio.

You can take these actions on your own, relay them to your current investment advisor or broker, or engage us as your investment advisor to take care of your portfolio.