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One Response to “Your Performance May Vary”
  1. 100Mg Tramadol Online on August 22nd, 2015 5:30 pm

    Had a little coofnsiun on advising & execution part. If I am empanneled with an online platform for investments and just enabling my clients to register in the platform so that being an advisor I can monitor the performance. But this is purely an option to my clients. Now, I am not actually doing any execution related formalities. The online platfom provider is handling all the stuff and formalities, communications and investment execution. I am just in loop in the email communications. In this case, will it be considered that I am providing execution service. Technically I am just monitoring and the platform provider is providing the execution services.Secondly, in tangible asset limit of 5 lakhs. what can be probable inclusion? I presume that to be property, furniture, PC, printer etc. But if I operate from home and that too a rented one as of now, then, what to have in that limit? Property can single handadly carry that limit but equipment & all I don’t think can touch that 5 lakh limit for an individual advisor.Please advice!